79 Days to go

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79 Days to go – then I have posted tomorrows outfit every evening for a whole year!

I think this whole project started after reading yet another article about a teenager who started a successful business, had earned a million Dkkr, was a straight A student, and portrayed as just all together perfect.

I have seen many of these articles lately, telling us that everything is possible, for everyone, telling us if we just work hard enough our lives could be perfect too – and so if we are less than perfect, we are not good enough, and it is entirely our own faults!

These article really makes me sad. I mean it’s great for these successful teenagers, I am happy for them, if they are really happy. I just feel like there is a whole lot of important information omitted in these articles, like their family background – often the company is funded by family or close relations who by no means lack money. It also often turns out that if some products needs to be produced, maybe a cousin own a production company, and so on. Trying to tell people that it is easy to start a company, and that everyone can do it, and that it is your own fault if you don’t succeed, is very hurtful and discouraging to those who doesn’t have a background and a network with all the right connections.

Yes – you do have a big responsibility in how your life turns out, off course you do, and off course you can make choices that either helps you succeed or prevents you from succeeding. However, not everything is possible for everyone.

No– Everyone can’t do or be whatever you like. If your eyesight is not good enough you can’t be a pilot, if you are absolutely hopeless with numbers, you can’t be an accountant, if you are a girl you can’t be a spermdonor – it’s just not possible.

Wikihow to be perfect

Anyway, this whole thing got me thinking about this whole need for perfection, and as google has the answer for everything, I googled how to be perfect – Google answers with a link to WikiHow to be as Perfect as Possible. Step one is to every night, pick out the clothes you will wear the next day –

– and in 79 days, I have done this for a whole year!

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