A Great TFP Meet-up

Written by Sunroad

– Definitely not my last!

My first TFP meet-up was at Ishøj Strand a couple of weeks ago. It will definitely not be my last. Thank you so much to Det lille foto for inviting me.

It was not my first time shooting TFP shots, so why it has taken me so long to get myself together and join a meet-up, I don’t know. Maybe it has to do with being a bit intimidated by the thought of having to compete with the other talented photographers. An idea that all the other photographers and models there will be watching me, and judging my work, makes me put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself.

Sometimes I guess one has to be a little understanding of ones own little weird and self-destructive mindgames. A photo meet-up is not work, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet new interesting people, sharing a common hobby and love for photography. A chance to all learn from each other and be inspired. Of course some photographers will be better than others, and some models will be more experienced than others, but we all have something we can contribute, and we can all learn something new.

As some of the other photographers articulated it that evening, we are out playing photography. Taking pictures should be a fun opportunity to play and experiment.

It was great to challenge myself, try something new, watch how the other photographers and models worked, and listen to other peoples advice and creative as well as technical advice.

Here is a small selection of the images from that day:

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