A Great Wedding Moment

Written by Sunroad

– One of many.

Something many photographers have in common, is that we will go very far for the perfect picture. We will role around on the ground, stand knee-deep in water, crawl up in a tree, and probably many other things if that will get us a better angle or crop.

This picture shows an important Danish wedding tradition. Several times throughout the dinner, all the guests will start tapping their knives or forks on their plates, or stomping their feet on the floor. These actions demand a kiss from the new couple. When guests tap their plates, the bride and groom must stand up on their chairs and kiss. When the guests stomp their feet on the floor, the bride and groom must dive under the table and kiss.

To get this picture, I crawled down under the table and had my camera ready before the guests started stomping their feet. I had a flash pointed into the long, white table cloth covering the table all the way down to the floor.

I love this picture and I love the moment it represents. In what other situation or job, are you allowed, even encouraged, to crawl around under the table…

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