A Leap of Faith

Written by Sunroad

And a lot of hard work

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go – T.S. Eliot

All the good things in life involves risk taking, a leap of faith that your safety net will hold if need be. If your alway just stick to what is safe and never take risks, you will never learn new things and evolve. You have to walk the path to find out where it leads, and how far it will possibly take you.

I love being the fly on the wall, observing and enjoying all that is happening around me, documenting and capturing the mood with my camera. I love being my own boss, planing my own time, meeting new people, helping them and see them smile. That is why I am so exited about opening this new chapter of my life, as a photographer. I have come to the conclusion that not trying is far worse than possibly failing, that I will never be happy if I don’t give it a shot. Actually I think I came to that conclusion a long time ago, but it is not until now that I find myself in a position where I trust my safety net, and I trust in myself and my skills.

Life is too short to get up every morning, spending the most part of the day on a job that doesn’t make you happy, and that doesn’t even pay that well. I find that when I work for other people, doing something that I am not passionate about, my motivation is very dependent on the size of the pay check. Working for myself however, doing something I love and am very passionate about, I really don’t care how much I make per hour.

As the new year begins, I will commit to this path, to make my passion my job, to give it all I got and see how far it is possible to go.

2018 – here I come!

ps. Thank you Ida Warning for shooting this wonderful picture of me and my husband at our wedding last summer

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