A photo isn’t “just” a photo

Written by Sunroad

A photo has the potential to be so much more than “just” a photo

What started as just a short photosession, one friend helping out another, has evolved into an ongoing experimental project. I really appreciate the interesting talks we always have about the process and the images, and now Alexandra Fouracres has written this blog post about it.

A photo isn’t “just” a photo

by Alexandra Fouracres

Solveig said to me one day, when we were going through our work: “When people look at this picture of you, what do they think? Where does the picture take them?” This is typical of our conversations; we are not looking to create something that is about me, or her, it is about whether we can create something that is a blend of elements, predominately: art, photography and psychology.

If we believe in past, present and future, then what is a photo in that conceptual framework? Perhaps it is a record created by a camera and someone handling it. Later we peer at this image and see: that was me, that was what I was doing at that moment – in the past. The record being part of a moment that exists only then, in the fraction of a moment as a camera clicks and moves on. Another consciousness view is that past, present, future are blurred and the difference between them an illusion. So here, when we look at at photo – what happens? Should we see it as fluid.

I do believe that each time I look at a photo perceptually the experience is different and from the place I stand in as I look. We don’t have “one” fixed perception but are ever evolving, so what we see can not really be static but must also be ever evolving. The mechanisms of our mind – particularly perception are at play in how we interpret anything at any point.

When I work with Solveig I want to create meaning and art in something that can be printed onto a simple flat piece of paper, yet capture a whole range of things happening – down to each atom in the people and environment evolved and later down to how we perceive the result. The output is not about how I look, it is about what it might make you think.

Every time you look at something, everything in your being, environment and circumstances is at play with your perception. If you allow yourself to be aware of this, then every time you look at anything it is “new” and has the potential to captivate you differently. So, a photo isn’t just a photo, it is an evolving gift. Every moment our senses and perception gift us something new to enjoy and absorb, should we choose to be aware of it.

I hope you enjoy our output!

1 thought on “A photo isn’t “just” a photo

  1. Nulan says:

    interesting article Alexandra! Seeing as you ask:”where does the picture take them?” This photo demonstrates vitality, youth & movement to me…

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