About Sunroad

Fotografen i læderjakke med kamera om halsen My name is Solveig, based on pronunciation it translates to Sunroad.
I am a photographer/artist/teacher, based in Copenhagen, where I live in mutual weirdness with my wonderful and understanding husband. He keeps me grounded, and I broaden his horizon with crazy contemporary art.

Photography, art and creativity is my life, without it I wither and stop functioning.

My Background

My first camera was small and purple. It was a very simple point-and-shoot, and it was so important to really consider what I wanted to photograph before taking the picture, as it was expensive to have the images developed and printed.

When I was 16 I attended a boarding school, where I had the opportunity to experiment in a darkroom, developing my own film, and printing my own pictures. This really sparked my interest in photography as more than just a physical documentation of reality.

When I went to live in Alaska for a year as an exchange student, I borrowed my dads old SLR camera and “forgot” to give it back before I left Denmark. With this wonderful camera, I could follow a photography course at King Career Center, really being able to explore the possibilities of analogue photography. Here photography became about much more than just capturing beautiful images. I had to explain my choices, both creatively and technically, and I had to be able to work within the limits and wishes of a potential client – and I loved it.

Since then, I have studied art at Kunstskolen Spektrum in Copenhagen and Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, with photography as one of my main creative outlets. I have also tought photography at a danish boarding school. After a few years as a teacher, I realised that my passion is creating, not teaching, and now I am pursuing my dream of becoming a fulltime photographer.