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In need of some new art for your walls

Perhaps you can finde exactly what you need somewhere on this page – or perhaps you are getting inspired, and have an idea you would like my help to create.

Either way, I would love to hear from you

Feeling Purple


Feeling Yellow


Picking on Me


Time Warp



I – IV

Four photographs, 50×65 cm. mounted on disbond.   Price: 3.000 kr. á piece, or all four together for 9.000 kr.


Landskabsmaleri – Painting Landscapes
2017 –


Photographic Memory
2016 –

60×60 prints, in editions of 20.   Price: 800 kr per print.

  • Fotografisk hukommelse - brandmænd
    Lille verden med brandmænd
  • Fotografisk hukommelse - kæde
    Lille rusten verden
  • Fotografisk hukommelse - slot
    Lille verden med et slot
  • Fotografisk hukommelse - måne
    Lille verden i måneskin
  • Fotografisk hukommelse - elefantøre
    Lille verden under vandet
  • Fotografisk hukommelse - is og blomster
    Lille verden af is
  • Fotografisk hukommelse - svane
    Lille vinter verden
  • Fotografisk hukommelse - svampe
    LIlle verden med svampe
  • Photographic Memory - Art photography – Collages
    Lille verden med engel


Mærk Efter


You and Me – Self portraits


Face to Face – Self portraits


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