B. Ceremony, portraits, and reception

6.000 kr.

I will arrive at the church, or other chosen location, before you, and capture the mood as the guests arrive. During the ceremony I will photograph discreetly, in accordance with the regulations set by the church and the minister. When the rice has been thrown, and everyone has congratulated you, we will go to your chosen location to shoot your wedding portraits – I would prefer if you allow at least 1 1/2 hour for this part of the session.

When we are done shooting your wedding portraits, we will move on to your reception/party. I will stay and take pictures and capture the mood until sometime around 6pm (depending on what time of day the ceremony begins).


Different Wishes – Different prices

No matter which packet you choose, it will include a pre-booking meeting, where we can get to know each other before we commit to anything.

After your wedding, I will choose the best pictures, edit them, and make sure you get them in two different file sizes; large file appropriate for print, and small files appropriate for online use.

If non of the packages suits your needs, please feel free to contact me with a request anyway, we can probably make it happen anyway.