My favourite wedding picture

Written by Sunroad

– so far!

My favourite wedding picture so far – and why I love it. I figured this would make for a good short blogspost, I didn’t count on it being so hard to choose a picture.

It is hard for me to look at all my wedding photos without remembering the wole situation and atmosphere surrounding shooting the picture. For me at least, this becomes an inseparable part of the picture, and I have so many wonderful wedding moments already.

In the end however, my choice fell on this picture, with the newly weds walking up a gravel road, to the place we had picked to shoot the wedding portraits. We were two photographers, me and Jeanne Kornum, and I was free to walk behind the others and just play a little.

There is several things that made me choose this picture for this post. I love the crop, with the bride walking up the hill towards her husband standing in the background, holding her wedding bucket. The high heels have a prominent position, and I love the way she is carrying most of her dress under her arm, body cropped at the shoulders. It can’t be easy to walk up a hill in this fashion, but she does it so effortlessly.

Aside from the formalities around the picture, I look back at this situation, and this day, remembering a smiling, funny, beautiful, and laid-back couple. It was such a pleasure to be part of their wedding. We were so incredibly lucky with the weather. For a moment it seemed like it might start to really pour down, which it didn’t, but it made the sky look amazing.

well, as I said, I really love this picture.

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