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Written by Sunroad

A fun day with a wonderful family!

A few weeks ago, a wonderful family welcomed me and my camera into their home to take pictures. The occasion was a tiny new addition to the family, a sweet baby girl, a perfect excuse to get new portraits taken of the whole family.

It was such a pleasure to shoot this family with all their sweet and bubbly kids.

Baby pictures are new to me, not something I have experience with, and not necessarily someting I have considered making a career of. I think I have automatically associated photographing babies, with too many props and weird outfits, and way too staged and overly cute pictures. As you can probably tell, I am not a fan of these kinds of pictures, not to look at and not to shoot. No one has ever said that overly cute is the only way to do baby pictures, and that is not how I ended up doing it either. It was absolutely a challenge, but I really enjoyed it, and I like the pictures I took. Very much staying true to my aesthetics and my style of photography.

As I wrote in an earlier post, nervousness got the better of me the first time I visited the family, but luckily for me they were very nice about it, and the second time around went sooo much better. You can see more of the pictures on my portrait page Portraits by Sunroad.

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