Photo meet-up on Oroe

Written by Sunroad

– Inspiring, educational and productive photo meet-up on Oroe

In the beginning of July I took a short trip to the lovely island Oroe, to join in on a photo meet-up event. It was my first trip to Oroe but I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last.

Photo meet-ups are always a great way to meet som great new people, get inspired, learn something new, and just have a good time. Leaving home in the morning, my plan was to just observe, learn and be inspired – and of course talk to some inspiring new people. The first couple of hours I stuck to the plan, but then one of the amazing models praised my pictures from our last shoot, and asked if I was interested in doing it again. I am a sucker for praise, it warmed my little photographer-heart, and of course we had to shoot some pictures.

As it turned out, I found time to observe and learn, get inspired, talk to lots of great people, and shoot a lot of pictures. Thank you so much to all you great people who came to Oroe, and who made the day an absolute success in my eyes.

Here is a little taste of the pictures I took with some of the models.

Line Aunskov – By Sunroad


Tasha Kyhl – By Sunroad


Boline Lyng – By Sunroad


Camilla Blixenkrone – By Sunroad

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