My first wedding shoot

Written by Sunroad

It started with the dress

I met Maria when she contacted me to ask if I could help her out. The person who was supposed to make her wedding dress had jumped ship, and now she was standing there with all the fabric, an upcoming wedding, and no-one to turn the fabric into a dress.

Luckily we had a mutual friend, who knew of my sewing skills – and there you go, I was making her lovely wedding dress. After having made two very complicated and time consuming wedding dresses, for my sister-in-law and her sister, I had actually promised myself that I was done making wedding dresses. The dress Maria wanted was relatively easy to make, and so I abandoned my old promise, and set out to make her dress.

When I was done, and Maria was happy, I took the opportunity to ask if they had already booked a wedding photographer – they hadn’t, and did not actually plan to – the perfect opportunity for me to test my skills as a wedding photographer.

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