Teaching Makes Me Better

Written by Sunroad

First day of school is on Thursday

Thursday evening it is back to school for me, as a teacher that is. I will be teaching basic photography and image editing at AOF evening school, to a small group of adult students – students who have actually chosen to be there and learn, they have even paid for it out of their own free will.

For this particular class, I have decided to focus on aesthetics rather than technical stuff. We will focus on composition; lines, movement, patterns, structures, surfaces, positive and negative space, and the golden ratio. These are important things to consider before, and while shooting, if you wish to become a better photographer. Of course you can crop your image in post production, but it is better if you don’t have to.

After spending all this time and energy, carefully considering composition before shooting, the focus on the technical aspects of photography might have suffered. I also don’t expect my students to become master photographers from one minute to the next. That is why the class will also focus on image editing, techniques to improve, or just play, with our images in Lightroom and/or similar software.

Teaching classes like this forces me to think more carefully about my own photographic process, and what it is that makes a photo interesting. It forces me to articulate my choices and work process, and this makes me a better photographer too. It is a win-win situation – teaching, learning, and getting paid at the same time, what is not to like.

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