The Perfect Pose

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– for Your wedding portraits

Ready to strike the perfect pose for your wedding portraits? Unless you are a model, you might find the though of striking the perfect pose for you r wedding portraits terrifying. Don’t worry, a good photographer will guide you, and help you relax. She will also shoot some really cool pictures between the poses.

Practice makes Perfect

Most brides and grooms to be are not models. Many might even feel a slight discomfort at the thought of posing for a photographer. i myself am one of those people who would characterise myself as non-photogenic. Being an artist and a bit of a perfectionist, I naturally had to challenge myself by venturing much of my art around self portraits. I began studying poses, trying to replicate what I liked. I googled tips on posing for wannabe models, and watched endless episodes of America’s Next Top Model. By now I have shot a great number of self portraits, and I am beginning to find it easier. There is hope for everyone.

The perfect pose for your wedding portraits – 5 tips.

Here you have a few tips and tricks to help you strike the perfect pose for your wedding portraits:

  • Invisible string:

    • One of the best tips I can give you is actually quite simple, yet very effect full. Try to imagine having an invisible string firmly attached to the top of you head, pulling you towards the ceiling. The thread is placed a little towards the back, so its pulling up your whole body and your neck – not just the chin. This should help you straighten your back and elongate your neck. Making you look taller and maybe reducing that appearance of a double chin.
  • Hold your breath:

    • Take a deep breath – and hold it. Imagine you just thought of something really important to say, you take a deep breath getting ready to talk a lot. Suddenly you forget what you were going to say, so you pause, holding your breath. When you tighten all your core muscles, front and back, you will look taller and more slender.
  • Put your best face forward:

    • Remember to put your best face forward – literally. Many of us have a favourite side of our face. you have probably noticed, when looking at pictures of yourself, that you like one profile better than the other. If this is true for you, remember to show that side to the camera as much as possible, and let your photographer know – if they forget to ask you.
  • 45-degrees:

    • In general, it is a good idea to angle the body, about 45-degrees to the camera. This will make you look more slender. Also you (the bride) might want to cross your legs, put one leg in front of the other, slightly bent, while keeping your weight on the back leg. This will make your legs look longer, and your hips narrower.
  • Arms and hands:

    • If you have room for one more tip, without beginning to overthink everything, then turn your attention to your arms and hands. Try lifting your arms away from your body, just a tiny little bit. This will slim your arm. if you hold your arms too tight to your body, you will press them flat and they will look much bigger than they are. If you (the groom) don’t know what to do with your hands, you can always put them in your pockets.

Meet with your photographer

Above all else, one of the most important keys to great wedding portrais, is to relax. Just be yourself and try to have fun. That is precisely why I always want to meet my couples before the wedding, preferably prior to you even booking me. We need to be sure we can relax in each others company. I also need to get som insight into your personality, to know how best to guide you and help you strike the perfect pose for your wedding portraits on your big day.

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