The Vatican – By Sunroad

Written by Sunroad

The Vatican seen through my lens…

…with my eyes.

Because I have the greatest man ever, I had the opportunity to give my mom a trip to Rome for her last birthday back in November. She had never been to Rome before, but has wanted to go for a long time.

Last week, we finally flew to Rome, my mother and me, Monday through Thursday. We had three amazing days in this amazing city. I have been there once before, but only for one day, so didn’t get the chance to see much back then.

This time around, we had time to go see the Vatican museum, it was really great. I always feel a bit ambivalent about seeing these huge mandatory turist attractions, it is something I usually don’t prioritise. I am really glad we did prioritise the Vatican though, but even so, it’s not where you see and experience the “real” Rome.

Anyway, off course I had my camera with me, and took the opportunity to see the Vatican through my 50mm 1.8 lens.

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