Wedding Portraits

Written by Sunroad

– the not so posed poses

Some time ago, in another wedding blogpost, I tried to give some advise on how to pose for your wedding portraits. Now I would like to turn you attention to the not so posed poses. As I mentioned, a good photographer will of course also shoot in-between the posed shots. When I look through the wedding portraits I have shot, most of my favourite images are these in-between shots. The not so posed poses.

When I shoot weddings, and portraits of people, my goal is always to tell a story through my pictures. With my wedding portraits, I want to tell your personal wedding story. I want to tell the true story, with real people and real emotions. I want to capture the moments you can’t plan for, big or small, the moments that shows me who you are. The moments that will evoke a smile on your face, or a tear of joy, when you see the pictures a year or more from your wedding day.

It is my goal to become so good at directing all you lovely couples, that I can get the posed poses to be as close to the not so posed poses as possible. (That was a little tongue twister from the English teacher). A key ingredient in reaching this goal is trust. Great wedding portraits are built on trust. The more you trust me as a photographer, the better you can relax on your big day, and simply enjoy. For us to build trust, we need to meet before the wedding, or at least talk. The better I know you, the better I can give you the wedding portraits of your dreams. Preferably I would like to get to know you, and for you to get to know me, before you even make you final decision on wether or not I am the perfect photographer for you.

Lets just have a look at a few of the pictures I am talking about.

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